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We are hiring: Team Lead on Renewable Energy Campaigns and Green Rebuilding of Ukraine

We are looking for a creative thinker with a proven track record of effecting change, possessing a strong strategic sense and an understanding of global power dynamics.


Uniting for Change, and Winning! Our Journey at New York Climate Week

"As we stand on the precipice of a changing world, we must recognize that our voices hold the power to drive change. The events of this week during New York Climate Week have shown us the strength of our collective determination, pushing us to confront critical issues that demand immediate attention. In New York City, marching with tens of thousands of strong, powerful climate activists from across the globe, I had the clear sensation that we are winning!"

US Sanctions on Russian LNG: A Vital Step for Climate Action

There is simply no excuse for Western governments not acting to defuse Russia's gas expansion in the Arctic.

Positive Progress: Razom We Stand's Impact on US State Department and EU Commission Actions

In the wake of continuous pressure exerted by Razom We Stand, the week beginning September 11, 2023, witnessed encouraging developments from both the US State Department and the EU Commission in their pursuit of imposing further sanctions on Russian oil and gas.

Is the UN ambitious enough on climate issues?

In December 2022, UN Secretary-General António Guterres unveiled plans to host the UN Climate Ambition Summit in September 2023, two months prior COP28 in UAE.

Actionable standard setting ratings and indicators for a Rapid Green Transition. What is the Guide for Ukraine?

This year, the British think tank Carbon Tracker plans to launch a global energy data portal and new ratings and indicators tool for policy makers, financials and industry—the Financial Energy Transition index (FETi). FETi is designed to track and measure the credibility of country-specific energy transition actions and plans. It will create actionable indicators and set standards to forward the energy transition, particularly for economies stuck in transition.

EU's $20 Billion Russian LNG Import Saga: Spain, Belgium, France

Trends in Europe's use of Russian Liquefied natural gas (LNG), continue to impress. And not in a positive way. 

EU countries, led by Belgium, France, and Spain, have imported Russian LNG representing approximately $20 billion in revenue, since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Senior Strategist

About Us Razom We Stand was founded in April 2022 by Ukrainian climate and peace activists aimed at isolating and constricting Russia’s fossil fuel industry to end the war in Ukraine and speed up Europe’s transition towards renewable energy.

Social Media Analyst

Are you passionate about driving social change and want to engage Ukrainians worldwide to take action and advance climate action? Join Razom We Stand, formerly known as the #StandWithUkraine campaign, founded by Ukrainian climate and peace activists. Our mission is to isolate and constrict Russia's fossil fuel industry, ending the war in Ukraine and accelerating Europe's transition to renewable energy.

This position is remote and full-time.

EU Regulation on creation of Ukraine Facility – short overview

A few months ago, at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, the European Union announced huge financial support for Ukraine for the period 2024-2027 to help the country recover from the devastating effects of the war.

Communications Specialist (English)

Razom We Stand (formerly #StandWithUkraine campaign) seeks a Communication Specialist with a primary focus on traditional media to increase the campaign’s exposure in the press, play a supporting role in its social media growth, and boost overall reach of campaign activities.

The methane rush off the climate cliff: it is time to halt gas infrastructure expansion

Razom We Stand strongly condemns the global push for gas infrastructure expansion, including LNG terminals, given the dire environmental and climate consequences, as well as financial risks involved in creating stranded assets. With excess windfall profits stemming from market volatility worsened by Putin’s brutal invasion in Ukraine, the gas industry must be subject to taxation and regulation, not supported with public subsidies for their expansion plans.