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G7 still feeding Russia’s war machine with fossil fuel addiction

G7 leaders pledge billions of aid to Ukraine with one hand, and continue zealously buying Russian fossil fuels with the other. The geopolitical landscape is now more than ever under the control of natural gas. The G7 Hiroshima Summit, which took place from May 19th to 21st, has only further confirmed that the worldwide addiction to fossil gas is the most challenging to eradicate on a global scale.

RE-Energy Network for the green transition in Ukraine: our first two months of results

On the anniversary of Russia's fossil-fueled invasion of Ukraine, which is trying to destroy the democratic system in the world and disrupt the development of renewable energy sources, provoking significant energy poverty and further exposing most vulnerable people to adverse impacts of climate change, Razom We Stand launched in Ukraine Re-energy Network.

Earth Day 2023: Why rebuilding Ukraine green is the best investment in the future of our planet?

The annual Earth Day, a celebration of the beginning of the modern environmental movement, is taking place this Saturday 22 April, 2023. This year it goes under the theme “Invest in Our Planet” and is calling for mobilization of public and private capital for investments in renewables. Using this opportunity we join our voice and call on the US and G7 to support deployment of decentralized renewable energy solutions in Ukraine as part of emergency aid.

G7 Climate Ministers to meet: "Green Transformation (GX)" towards Fossil-Fueled Disaster, or a Clean Energy Revolution?"

The annual G7 Ministers’ Meeting on Climate, Energy, and Environment is this coming weekend, and climate experts are watching with concern. Especially problematic is Japan’s toxic new so-called “Green Transformation (GX)” policy, which is soaked in fossil fuels. Such worrying proposals put out by Japan as G7 President are clashing with messages from civil society leaders, who are calling for action.

LNG frenzy will not bring energy security to Europe, but may bring more Russian gas

Svitlana Romanko, founder and director of Razom We Stand

Little known but very concerning is the fact that in 2022 Russian liquified natural gas production grew by 8% and Russia, contrary to the sanctions, has expanded shipments of LNG to Europe and is building another LNG terminal in the Arctic. And this in part is facilitated by western firms. Russia is still exporting 10 TWh to 15 TWh per month of LNG to the EU. This is not subject to sanctions but could be cut unilaterally by Russia any time.

Our actions at the CERAWeek energy conference highlight the importance of activism

Today is our last day in Houston, Texas, at CERAWeek, the global energy conference described by Bill McKibben this week as the hydrocarbon world’s biggest festival, a Davos for carbon energy executives. Here are our action highlights from the week.

Dirty Energy Lobby Fuels Up To Influence Politicians at USA Energy Executives Event: CERAWeek

By Svitlana Romanko, Director and Founder of Razom We Stand

While CERAWeek 2023 has the motto: "Navigating a Turbulent World: Energy, Climate and Security", nowhere is it mentioned in the agenda that actually energy self-reliance, based on decentralized clean energy, is the best way for a country to achieve energy security. 

Five reasons why the US and the EU should impose a full embargo on Russian fossil fuels

The oil cap for Russian oil is not working: compliance is not enforced, sanctions are violated, and Russia still earns approximately 560 million euros daily from fossil fuel exports, with the European shipping industry still being the primary source of this income. There is no other way to stop the war: a full embargo on Russian oil and gas is needed, now.

Oleg Savytskyi, campaign manager of the NGO "Razom We Stand"

Where We Stand After a Year of Fruitful Work (Part Two)

Razom We Stand is now well-established as the main voice against fossil fuel dictators and war profiteers. This piece builds on our earlier article that focused on our organization’s work in the framework of the UN Climate Summit COP27 and the green transition of Ukraine. 

Where We Stand After a Year of Fruitful Work (Part One)

In the first days of the horrific russian invasion of Ukraine, Svitlana Romanko, Ukrainian environmental lawyer and climate campaigner, was driven to establish the Stand With Ukraine campaign on March 4, 2022. 

By greenwashing big oil the UN is failing on its primary mandates - on peace and climate

Razom We Stand shares universal grave concerns of climate activists and civil society over the decision by UN to grant the presidency over the next UNFCCC climate change conference COP28 in UAE to sultan Al Jaber, the head of the world’s 12th largest oil producer - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.  

Why Russia is still making money on energy sales and how to change it

By Svitlana Romanko and Lauri Myllyvirta 

On December 5, the EU and G7 put into effect a price cap on oil exports from Russia, according to which a barrel of Russian oil should be traded at no more than $60, and the sea transportation of crude oil to the EU is prohibited. Because of this, Russia's revenues from fossil fuel exports in December fell to the lowest level since the beginning of the full-scale invasion - by 17%.