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COP27 addressed the symptoms but not the cause of the climate crisis: Fossil fuels
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COP27 Global Gas and Oil Network Media Release

The failure to call for an equitable phase out of all fossil fuels at COP27 will mean more loss and damage in the world. A growing number of countries across all negotiating blocs called for a phase out of fossil fuels, while other countries blocked progress. Loss and damage and renewables gained momentum. The energy transition is underway, and the fossil fuel industry is on its way out. 


Climate action comes with a fight: how we confronted fossil fuel industry and Russia at COP27
Campaign Updates

Razom We Stand made major advances towards our goals during COP27 in Sharm-El-Sheikh, with a number of high-impact events as payoff for effective team work. We are immensely grateful to partners, movements, networks and activists who supported our work at COP27.


COP27: Ukrainian Climate Activist leaves Egypt over security concerns after conflict at Russian COP27 event
Press Release

November 18, 2022 // COP27, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Turkey provides new outlet for Russian crude oil - CREA research findings
Press Release

November 16, 2022 // Sharm El Sheikh / Helsinki / Kyiv 

Russia is finding new allies to refine and export fossil fuels despite the lowest drop in revenue since the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Researchers have discovered that a new route for Russian oil to the EU and the US via Turkey is emerging, where ever-increasing volumes of Russian crude oil are processed.

Campaigners from Ukraine confront Russian delegation on war crimes & fossil fuels, forcibly removed from event at COP27 
Press Release

November 15, 2022 // COP27, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Campaigners from Ukraine confronted the Russian delegation at the COP27 summit in Egypt over Russia’s war of aggression. They interrupted the official event right from the beginning, with shouts heard by the entire crowd.

Green Recovery Plan: how to realize Ukraine's potential to become a driver of rapid decarbonization in Europe

Ukrainian Pavilion side event at COP27, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt

Tuesday, 15th November, 10:30-12:00

Ukrainian pavilion, Blue Zone, Area C



Day of action at COP27: round up of 12 November
Campaign Updates

Saturday was a day packed with actions for our team on the ground at COP27 today. A demonstration against fossil fuel financed war in Ukraine was set to be a highlight, but before that our Director Svitlana Romanko happened to meet Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies, which was accused of complicity in Russian war crimes in Ukraine last month. 


The Guardian about Razom We Stand message at COP27: EU must step up

Svitlana Romanko comments to The Guardian: EU exports of Russian LNG has risen 46% year-year-on year in the first nine months of 2022, according to European Commission figures, the EU needs to step-up, act more globally and ban all fossil fuels and insurance. We also demand that US institutions divest the billions they have invested in Russia’s carbon bombs.


Why the Marshall Plan for Ukraine should be green - United4Ukraine statement
Campaign Updates

70 members of the United for Ukraine inter-parliamentary network signed a joint statement: "A sustainable future for Ukraine - the new Marshall Plan". Among them are members of Ukraine's Parliament, MEPs and former leaders of European countries, experts and scientists.

Press Release

9 November // Sharm El-Sheikh

At the UN Climate Summit COP27, climate campaigners strongly reacted to opening speeches of world leaders, calling upon global leaders to guarantee future peace in Europe by defunding the fossil fuel industry, especially in Russia, and to support a green rebuilding of post-war Ukraine.

Global Witness: report links Wintershall’s gas production & Russian warplanes
Press Release

7 November, 2022 // Berlin, London

Wintershall Dea, subsidiary of German chemical giant BASF, is selling gas condensate to a Russian military jet fuel supplier, according to an investigation published today. NGOs call for German fossil fuel giant’s Russian profits to be taxed at 100% and committed to Ukrainian reconstruction.

We are looking for a Digital Organizer
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Razom We Stand seeks a Digital Organizer to increase the campaign’s exposure to the press, expand its social media presence, and overall reach of the campaign activities.