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We are hiring: Team Lead on Renewable Energy Campaigns and Green Rebuilding of Ukraine

We are looking for a creative thinker with a proven track record of effecting change, possessing a strong strategic sense and an understanding of global power dynamics.


How Ukraine fights for the European embargo on Russian liquefied natural gas
Press Release

26 September 2023 / Kyiv / Press-release


Uniting for Change, and Winning! Our Journey at New York Climate Week

"As we stand on the precipice of a changing world, we must recognize that our voices hold the power to drive change. The events of this week during New York Climate Week have shown us the strength of our collective determination, pushing us to confront critical issues that demand immediate attention. In New York City, marching with tens of thousands of strong, powerful climate activists from across the globe, I had the clear sensation that we are winning!"

Ukrainian expert reacts to Guterres' speech at UN today: The fundamental steps
Press Release

Sept 20, 2023 - For immediate release

Kyiv, Ukraine -
Today UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has just addressed the General Assembly. In his riveting speech, he states that

  • Multiple crises threaten the very future of humanity and the fate of our planet.
  • Crises like the war in Ukraine and the multiplication of conflicts around the globe.
  • Crises like the climate emergency and biodiversity loss. 
Ukrainian group Rapid Reaction to Zelensky's speech at UN today: USA and Biden must stop American energy companies funding for Russia's War Machine
Press Release

Sept 19, 2023 - For immediate release

Kyiv, Ukraine -
Today as Ukrainian President Zelensky speaks at the United Nations meeting in New York, with President Biden also attending this week, the focus is on peace, climate and cooperation.

US Sanctions on Russian LNG: A Vital Step for Climate Action

There is simply no excuse for Western governments not acting to defuse Russia's gas expansion in the Arctic.

CERA report reveals EU Achieves Major Milestone in Renewable Energy Growth, Significantly Cutting Reliance on Russian Fossil Fuels
Press Release

EU Achieves Major Milestone in Renewable Energy Growth

Kyiv, Ukraine - 18 September 2023-

Positive Progress: Razom We Stand's Impact on US State Department and EU Commission Actions

In the wake of continuous pressure exerted by Razom We Stand, the week beginning September 11, 2023, witnessed encouraging developments from both the US State Department and the EU Commission in their pursuit of imposing further sanctions on Russian oil and gas.

Ukraine's Climate Ambitions in Action. Response to the militarization of fossil fuel supplies and the climate crisis

Date and time:
September 20
16:00 Kyiv time

Online broadcast via LinkedIn

200+ Organizations Calling on Governments to address UAE Human Rights Abuses Ahead of COP28
Press Release

September 13, 2023

Rights groups across six continents say UAE cannot be given a free pass for its abysmal human rights record on the COP stage

Is the UN ambitious enough on climate issues?

In December 2022, UN Secretary-General António Guterres unveiled plans to host the UN Climate Ambition Summit in September 2023, two months prior COP28 in UAE.

G7 slammed for avoiding decisions on Russian oil price cap 2023
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7 Sept. 2023 / Kyiv, Ukraine