Manifesto for a new Ukraine and a new world

We are Razom We Stand, an independent Ukrainian movement dedicated to the defence and liberation of our country, the permanent defeat of Russian aggression, and a green energy future for the world.

As we mark the first anniversary of Russia’s illegal and brutal invasion of our country, it is time for Ukrainian civil society to set out its vision for the future. 

Addressing the UK parliament in February 2023, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that “Ukrainian victory will change the world - the change the world has long needed”. We agree. 

The promise of Ukraine’s resistance to fossil-fueled terror must be realized by the entire world. The rebuilding of Ukraine should be the beginning of a global movement for clean, renewable, and safe energy

Razom We Stand demands the following actions from national governments and international organisations including the European Union, the G7 and the G20:

  1. Enforce FULL set of energy sanctions against Russia.
  2. Invest in the European continental grid, including Ukraine.
  3. Defund the fossil fuel industry.
  4. Democratise green transition.
  5. Cut global oil and gas demand.

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For A New Ukraine And A New World!

    Ukraine deserves support. Ukraine deserves hope. Ukraine deserves action.