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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't countries already cutting down on their energy use? Why do more?

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has been earning almost €1bn every day, selling oil and gas to Europe. Without a real embargo on Russian fossil fuels, the war in Ukraine will never end. The money spent buying Russian oil is used to buy bullets and missiles, and while some in Europe are worried about paying more in Euros, pounds or cents, the unfortunate truth is that Ukrainians have already been paying in blood. Also, as the climate crisis exacerbates, addiction of wealthy nations to polluting fossil fuels brings a heavy toll on other vulnerable countries. This often threatens their very survival in the world of rising seas, superstorms and scorching heatwaves.  

Why does there need to be an embargo on fossil fuels from Russia, can’t we just do business as usual?

Every Euro Putin gets from European countries he spends on attacking Ukraine. Europe’s fossil fuel addiction is paying for weapons, the destruction of our country, and horrendous war crimes. For decades Europe’s biggest buyers of Russian energy exports turned a blind eye to the Kremlin's crimes against human rights, environment and international law. While growing increasingly addicted to Russian fossil fuels, European energy companies, utilities, traders and insurers have contributed to Russia's ability to wage wars. 

But you can help to stop this.

What can we do to make a difference?

You can help create change by urging key decision-makers to enact effective sanctions. A total and permanent embargo on Russian fossil fuels will weaken Putin and help Ukraine win this war. We are demanding that the European Union and UK effectively ban the import of any fossil fuels from Russia. You can do your part by signing our petition here.

Is there anything else I can do?

Help to stop financial organizations funding or servicing the Russian fossil fuel industry, or trading with companies that fund Russia’s war machine. Find out which banks and corporations are still doing business with Russia, and write to them saying they must end cooperation with Putin, and help Ukraine.

What does Razom mean?

Razom is Ukrainian for "together". Because only together will we be able to meet our goals, to create a real embargo on Russian fossil fuels and cut the Kremlin’s financial bloodline, bring an end to the war, and rebuild Ukraine in a clean and green way that can become a shining beacon of climate friendly sustainable development.