RE - Energy

Communications Network

Open informal network for:


rapid transition to green energy in the process of rebuilding Ukraine

final overcoming of dependence on fossil fuels in the process of confronting the fuel terror of Russia

full energy independence of Ukraine and Europe


We are committed

  • to implementing international and national communication strategies in favor of the transition to green decentralized energy systems of the future, so that Ukraine becomes the first post-war country in the world to have green energy at the center of its energy policy, investment, and the basis for reconstruction. 

We unite:

  • communicators from the public, political, financial, government, and municipal sectors
  • journalists
  • progressive officials
  • employees of key energy companies
  • scientists
  • green businesses 
  • energy experts

for joint information and communication work to support the fastest possible green energy transition in the process of rebuilding Ukraine.




"We have to become - and we will become, because there is no way out - a leader in building a modern green energy sector. This will allow us to create a decentralized energy system that cannot be destroyed by anything, by any missile strikes. We can, and therefore must, become one of the guarantors of European energy security. And this is the task for tomorrow"  

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine

December 28, 2022.




Green energy for Ukraine is:


the final victory in the confrontation with russia and freedom from the energy dictatorship of oil, gas and coal

restoration of the destroyed centralized and unreliable energy infrastructure based on the principles of decentralization, energy, climate and environmental security

clean, affordable and reliable energy for communities

Ukraine's leadership in the European green transformation, investment in reconstruction, a new green economy and export of renewable energy


Ukraine and Europe - the first continent free of fossil fuels, energy crises and wars

Ukraine and Europe fossil free


 Potential for renewable energy development in Ukraine

  874 GW, including about 250 GW of offshore wind power plant capacity
*According to a study by the Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine until 2050 

Wind power: increase by 70 times - from the existing 1.5 GW to more than 100 GW.
Renewable gases, including biomethane: 38-fold increase from the current 260 million m3 to 10 billion m3, which is equal to the import of all fossil gas.
Solar generation: 59-fold increase from the existing 1.2 GW to 71 GW.  

The network creates an informal and effective space for interaction and cooperation for:

  • Prompt exchange of information between the network members and authorities
  • Conducting information campaigns on green transition in Ukrainian and international media and coordinating them
  • Objective and comprehensive coverage of political decisions on energy transformation and reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Strengthening influence through the joint use of technologies in the field of content analysis and media monitoring such as Meltwater, Talkwalker and Brandwatch

Our basic principles of cooperation: 

  • We do not receive funds from governments, green or other businesses, political parties or oligarchs
  • We do not lobby for individual business or political interests and greenwashing
  • As a network, we advocate for energy, climate and social justice




We support all network members in:

  • Reviewing the use of public finance in the energy sector and creating opportunities for redirecting investments from fossil fuels to green energy
  • Displacing fossil fuels from Ukraine's energy mix and decarbonizing the economy in line with climate commitmentsa
  • Development of small distributed generation and small promoters in Ukraine under common rules and implementation of the Net Billing/Net Metering system
  • Business support for the introduction of corporate PPAs and guarantees of green energy origin
  • Monetization of targeted subsidies in the electricity market
  • Increase the share of renewable gases in the energy mix of Ukraine
  • Optimization of the gas transportation system and creation of cogeneration plants
  • Implementation by Ukraine of measures under the Global Methane Pledge

To ensure:

  • Transition from subsidizing fossil fuel consumption to investing in renewable energy
  • Achieving energy independence and the goals of the European Green Deal
  • Opportunities for investment in renewable energy for small consumers and a guarantee of transparent mutual settlements with the state
  • Creation of conditions for the development of business in the field of renewable energy, as well as the newest industry to meet the goals of decarbonization
  • Introducing transparency and predictability in the electricity market, taking into account the needs of socially vulnerable groups
  • Substitution of imported gas with renewable gases with the prospect of further exports, which will have a positive impact on Ukraine's balance of payments
  • Gradual construction of flexible generation to build a sustainable energy system of Ukraine
  • Significant reduction of losses and methane emissions in the gas transportation system of Ukraine

Your donations will help to mainstream the green energy transformation in rebuilding Ukraine, change the minds of political leaders, investors, and businesses in Ukraine and abroad, and influence political decisions both in Ukraine and abroad. 

We will use your donations for the following purposes:

  • Paying for advertising on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Creation of visualizations, design and printing of printed materials 
  • Supporting partners’ communication campaigns in Ukraine and the growth of new communication leaders

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