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Open letter to Belgian Government: Transshipment of Russian LNG should be banned
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30 October 2023

Letter to: Hadja Lahbib, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, Tinne Van der Straeten, Minister of Energy of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium

Open letter to leaders of G20: Real peace and climate action means keeping Russian fossil fuels in the ground
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On September 9-10, India will be hosting this year's G20 Summit, an international gathering of leaders of top economies. On this occasion Razom We Stand, together with other Ukrainian NGOs and international partners, appeals publicly to the world's leaders with a demand for responsible and dignified actions: addressing the climate emergency, war crimes and violation of international law by tightening the sanctions against Russia.  

The 12th Sanctions Package Must Include Embargo on Russian LNG: Open Letter from Ukrainian NGOs
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Why Ukraine’s recovery should be directed by National Climate and Energy Plan
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Ukraine should develop the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) according to the provisions of  Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action  as a EU membership candidate and party to the Energy Community Treaty. NECP should become the main document for directing reconstruction efforts and associated sectoral policies.

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The environment deserves protection. Peace deserves hope. The planet needs action now.

Successful Embargo on Russian Coal Calls for Stronger Sanctions on Russian Oil and Gas
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The Climate Strategies organization released a groundbreaking report titled "Unveiling the True Potential: A Closer Look at Kuzbass and the russian Coal Sector," highlighting the tangible impact of targeted sanctions on russia's economy, as demonstrated by the successful coal embargo.

G7 Hiroshima Summit – a step back from fossil fuels phase-out
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The G7 Summit of the world's richest countries was held last weekend, May 19 to 21 in Hiroshima, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida's hometown. He chose Hiroshima as the Summit location because of his view that Hiroshima is "the most fitting location to express Japan’s commitment to peace." While G7 host Japan built up hope for progress on peace, especially related to Ukraine, the fact is that many were disappointed with backsliding in G7 final commitments.

Reconstruction of Ukraine's power sector: new nuclear power units or renewable energy sources?
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Nuclear power generation in Ukraine can be completely replaced by more competitive alternative energy sources of energy by 2050 – new research shows
Due to significant capital costs for construction, the long term (7-10 years) for commissioning and the constant unpredictable increase in the cost of nuclear power generation projects, it loses its competitiveness with other types of electricity generation, and this is important to consider during the post-war recovery of Ukraine.

Open letter to presidency of G7 - government of Japan
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The G7 summit is approaching, and Razom We Stand, a Ukrainian NGO, has sent letters urging the G7 nations to take the lead in transitioning the world towards clean energy and away from fossil fuels. We demand that the G7 takes action on climate change and addresses the ongoing war in Ukraine, where the Russian military, funded by fossil fuel export revenues from G7 and other nations, are inflicting war crimes on innocent people.

Open letter to Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine
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Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine
Minister of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine
Oleksandr Kubrakov 

Razom We Stand's proposals will be considered for the development of the five-year program for the Green Recovery and Development of Ukraine's Industry
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The Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine informed us that Razom We Stand's proposals will be processed as part of the development of a five-year UNIDO Program for the Green Recovery and Development of Ukraine's Industry in the Post-War Period!

Joint appeal of Ukrainian civil society organizations
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European Commissioner for 
Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
Mairead McGuinness

International Special Envoy 
for the Implementation of EU Sanctions
David O'Sullivan