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Refusing Russian Liquefied Natural Gas: A Crucial Step Towards Global Sustainability and Security

Since the onset of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russia has earned €121.845 billion from fossil gas exports and over €550 billion from all fossil fuel exports globally. These revenues serve as a financial lifeline sustaining conflicts and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. Despite the aggression displayed by the Russian Federation and its adverse climate impact, several leading nations persist in purchasing Russian liquefied natural gas, which has so far remained exempt from sanctions amidst the ongoing armed aggression.

The expansion of gas infrastructure, particularly the construction of liquefied natural gas terminals, not only leads to significant environmental and climate repercussions but also channels additional financial resources toward fueling conflicts worldwide.

Presently, there's a concerning surge in gas infrastructure expansion, including terminals dedicated to both the export and import of liquefied natural gas. Russia's ongoing developments in oil and gas infrastructure within the Arctic present a substantial global threat, an aspect that is largely underestimated by global leaders.

Razom We Stand persist in our daily efforts to confront Russian liquefied natural gas. Our calls resonate internationally, garnering attention from both international and Ukrainian media outlets, and receive support from foreign partners and opinion leaders. We advocate for a complete and enduring embargo on all Russian fossil fuels in the global market, along with an immediate cessation of all investments in Russian oil and gas companies. But in this ongoing endeavor, we seek your support!

Stop Russian LNG


For over a year, Razom We Stand has championed efforts to restore peace in Ukraine and enforce sanctions against the Russian Federation. During this period, we've conducted numerous informational campaigns, engaged various international partners, contributed to investigative journalistic reports by leading foreign media outlets, and galvanized societal support around this cause.

Check out the timeline of our actions:

April 2023: Razom We Stand supported the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy, Housing, and Utilities in drafting an official appeal from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the European Commission and the US government. This appeal demanded the imposition of sanctions to impede Russia's plans to expand liquefied natural gas production and halt Europe's procurement of this fuel from Russia.

We openly expressed our stance on the 11th package of European sanctions, highlighting the absence of a ban on importing and transshipping Russian LNG as a significant concern.

July 2023: In collaboration with 19 civil society organizations, we penned an open letter to the European Commission, urging the inclusion of a ban on Russian LNG in the 12th package of sanctions.

August 2023: By our active involvement, public attention was drawn to France, Belgium, and Spain, the primary importers of Russian LNG. We also globally disseminated information detailing direct financing of the war in Ukraine by the Russian company Novatek, along with revelations of its former employees' involvement in hostilities, uncovered through journalistic investigations.

September 2023: Together with our partners, we initiated a series of comprehensive investigative journalistic reports in concerning the construction of Arctic LNG 2. These reports were featured in prominent foreign and Ukrainian media outlets, including the German newspaper Der Spiegel, the ZDF TV channel, the French newspaper Le Monde, and the Brussels-based EurActiv.

Ahead of the G20 Summit in India in September, in collaboration with 55 partner organizations, we sent an open letter to participating countries' leaders, urging action on the climate emergency, accountability for war crimes, and restoration of international law's primacy by bolstering energy sanctions against Russia.

During New York Climate Week, our participation in a substantial climate protest called for halting the expansion of Russian fossil fuel exports. Moreover, we spearheaded multiple media features on the issue, including an op-ed penned by Razom We Stand's founder, Svitlana Romanko.

Protest USA

We also  organized a press briefing in Kyiv titled "Sanctions against Russian LNG: Contributing to Ukraine's Victory and Climate Preservation," where we discussed the need of including a complete embargo on Russian LNG in the forthcoming 12th package of EU sanctions.

October 2023: In collaboration with 23 civil society organizations, we penned an open letter to the Belgian government, urging the ban of Russian LNG transshipment in the port of Zeebrugge and instigating a multilateral prohibition on transshipment in European ports. This entailed engagement with governments of France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, presenting the letter during our visit to Brussels. Additionally, we orchestrated an open protest in Brussels.

November 2023: Early November 2023 saw our involvement in the filming of a BBC report, where we, alongside civil society activists and journalists, tracked a Russian LNG tanker arriving at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. Our trip also encompassed advocacy meetings with the governments of Belgium and Germany.

We also hosted a panel discussion, engaging representatives from the NAPC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian and international experts. This discussion centered on new US sanctions, political statements within the EU regarding sanctions against Russian hydrocarbon exports, potential consequences, and the prospect of expanding energy sanctions against Russia.

Sanction Brief


Razom We Stand has secured substantial milestones toward implementing a complete embargo on Russian liquefied natural gas.

Some of our most significant victories include:

  • Uniting over 50 partner organizations worldwide, fostering collective action in combating Russian influence in the liquefied natural gas market.

We are proud of our collaborative efforts with organizations such as Global Witness, Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, Anti-Corruption Data Collective, Bond Beter Liefmileu, Vredesactie, GreenpeaceB4Ukraine coalition, United4Ukraine interpariamentary network, Promote Ukraine, Dixi Group, Ecoclub, Ecoaction and others,yielding considerable successes in countering Russian influence.

  • US sanctions against Arctic Transshipment

On September 14, the U.S. Treasury Department expanded its sanctions list to encompass Arctic Transshipment, a joint venture led by Novatek and France's TotalEnergies, holding a 10% stake.

  • US sanctions against the Arctic LNG 2 project

Razom We Stand's persistent advocacy for stricter sanctions on Russian oil and liquefied natural gas culminated in significant action by the U.S. Department of State and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on November 2, 2023. These entities imposed new sanctions on ARCTIC LNG 2 LLC, the operator of the Arctic LNG 2 project, a flagship LNG initiative by major Russian gas company Novatek, situated in the Russian Arctic region.

  • European Parliament resolution to strengthen sanctions

Our contributions led to the drafting and adoption of a resolution by the European Parliament on November 9, underscoring the imperative of effective sanctions against Russia. This resolution serves as a resolute political stance directed at relevant authorities—the European Commission


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The issue of Russian fossil fuel exports pertains to each one of us. Even a small contribution towards resolving this pressing matter can make a significant impact.

To support our movement for a world future based on clean energy, without armed attacks and population destruction, you can take the following steps:



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