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COP28 leaves the world in the grip of fossil fuel dictators and petrostates


Date: 12 December 2023


[Kyiv, [12 December 2023]] - As COP28 nears its conclusion, marked by a predominant influence of fossil fuel interests, Razom We Stand releases an impactful research report titled "FOSSIL FUEL DICTATORSHIPS AND PETROSTATES: How oil and Gas Revenues Fund Wars and Violate Human Rights." The report extensively delves into the critical interconnection between fossil fuel revenues, global conflicts, and the implications for human rights worldwide and calls for a global uprising against petro-dictators.

Despite significant strides in transitioning to renewable energy sources, the report underscores that fossil fuels have retained their dominance in global electricity generation, accounting for over 60% in 2023. This persistent reliance on oil, natural gas, and coal continues to shape geopolitical landscapes, with immense repercussions on global governance and human rights.

The research highlights a concerning trend: nations heavily reliant on fossil fuel exports and lacking diversification tend to slide towards authoritarian regimes. The monopolisation of energy markets by political elites, facilitated by the high barriers to entry in gas, oil, and coal industries, often results in the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few.

Svitlana Romanko, Founder and Director of Razom We Stand, stresses, "Our report aims to shed light on the intricate connection between fossil fuel revenues, conflicts, and the erosion of democratic values. The disproportionate influence wielded by these revenues on political structures calls for immediate attention to prevent the decline of democratic systems, defuse climate crisis and foster peace worldwide."

The research delves into the threats of Carbon bombs, defined as a fossil fuel project that will emit at least a billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (GtCO2) over its lifetime. There are currently 422 carbon bombs in the world, either already operating or in the starting phase. These projects significantly threaten the Paris Agreement climate targets, which call for a certain carbon budget to be respected in order to stay below 1.5°C warming compared to the pre-industrial era.

Razom We Stand traces the origins of the current global turmoil, including the escalating climate crisis, energy poverty, and the rise of petrodictators and autocracies. The report pinpoints the genesis of these issues to the 1990s, citing the deregulation of the energy industry pushed by private entities. This deregulation fostered the widespread expansion of oil and gas operations, disregarding profound implications for climate change, environmental sustainability, international security, and human rights.

For further information and access to the complete research report, click here.

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Razom We Stand is a Ukrainian organisation active internationally and calling for a total and permanent embargo on Russian fossil fuels and an immediate end to all investment into Russian oil and gas companies by phasing out fossil fuels globally. We seek to build momentum for a redesign of the global economy and major financial mobilisation for investments into new clean, smart and efficient energy systems based on renewables.

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