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How oil and Gas Revenues Fund Wars and Violate Human Rights? - NEW REPORT


The new report from Razom We Stand "FOSSIL FUEL DICTATORSHIPS AND PETROSTATES: How oil and Gas Revenues Fund Wars and Violate Human Rights” extensively delves into the critical interconnection between fossil fuel revenues, global conflicts, and the implications for human rights worldwide.

The report highlights a concerning trend: nations heavily reliant on fossil fuel exports and lacking diversification tend to slide towards authoritarian regimes. The monopolization of energy markets by political elites, facilitated by the high barriers to entry in gas, oil, and coal industries, often results in the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few.  More often a curse than a blessing, fossil fuels frequently breed oligarchy and empower dictators who incite aggressive conflicts.

Governments must assume control of the fossil fuel sector and rigorously regulate it in accordance with climate science and globally agreed-upon targets. Climate policy should not bend to appease oil and gas interests; instead, it should be aligned with the imperative goals set by climate science. Rapid scaling back of fossil fuel infrastructure worldwide is imperative, diverting all new infrastructure funding toward clean energy and energy efficiency initiatives.

The world is currently moving in the opposite direction. A massive expansion of fossil gas infrastructure is underway globally: almost 500 GW of natural gas-fired power plants are planned or under construction. According to Global Energy Monitor, new LNG import terminals with a capacity of 635 million tonnes of natural gas per year as well as LNG export terminals with a capacity of 700 million tonnes per year, are under development.

Addressing this issue demands urgent attention from all leaders committed to positive change. The expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure represents a critical threat precisely when the world urgently needs to pivot away from fossil fuels. This shift is crucial to halt the ascent of petrodictators and counteract the staggering economic toll of climate change, which is already incurring trillions in costs.