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The 12th sanctions package is not enough: to stop the war, the EU must phase out Russian oil and gas


[Kyiv City,  18 December 2023]

Razom We Stand expresses deep concern regarding the absence of necessary measures aimed at curbing the Kremlin’s escalating oil and gas revenues within the newly adopted EU’s 12th sanctions package against Russia. The organisation is also troubled by the evident lack of robust enforcement of the existing sanctions against Russian oil and gas sectors. The omission of stringent measures against these critical sectors by EU member states perpetuates the funding of Russia’s bloodthirsty war in Ukraine through its expanding energy exports.

“The EU must firmly and finally say no to Russian oil and gas. The 12th sanctions package should have been pivotal for the EU to significantly impede the revenue inflow into Russia from its oil and LNG gas exports. Without decisive measures against these sectors, the EU inadvertently sustains the financial resources fueling Putin’s barbaric aggression in Ukraine. It’s disappointing news compared with the bold steps made towards Ukrainian accession into the EU by the EU Council yesterday. Enaction towards full oil and gas embargo on Russia is weakening Europe and putting it in danger,” - emphasised Svitlana Romanko, Founder and Director of Razom We Stand.

The European Parliament's resolution from 9 November 2023 that re-evaluated the effectiveness of EU sanctions on Russia was greatly welcomed, signalling a robust political stance to relevant authorities. Yet today, the lack of effective sanctions and stringent enforcement against Russian fossil fuel exports continues to raise significant apprehension among experts, NGOs and politicians.

The absence of sanctions on Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), as highlighted in Razom We Stand’s previous open letter to the European Commission, enables Russia to bolster its economic prowess despite the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russian LNG imports to the EU have surged, with high volumes arriving through various European ports, contributing to Russia’s war chest.

Razom We Stand demands immediate sanctions targeting Russian LNG imports to Europe. Furthermore, Razom We Stand urges stringent sanctions on technologies and services associated with LNG infrastructure, aiming to disrupt Russia’s energy trade networks.

“Swift sanctions are crucial for peace in Ukraine and addressing the climate crisis. European companies must cease all means of support for projects like Arctic LNG 2, and the EU must impose comprehensive sanctions against any entity within its jurisdiction supporting Russian oil and gas expansion”, Svitlana Romanko stated.

Razom We Stand calls on the EU, US and NATO to introduce robust and comprehensive sanctions targeting Russian oil and gas, aligning with global goals to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. We emphasise the critical role of sanctions in diminishing Russia's economic capacity to support its war agenda, urging the EU to swiftly adopt measures that align with the situation's urgency.

“Europe’s continued reliance on Russian oil and gas inadvertently sustains the Kremlin's war chest, undermining efforts for peace and perpetuating climate threats”, Svitlana Romanko remarked.

Razom We Stand remains committed to supporting policies that ensure proper energy security for Ukraine and Europe, advocating for a transition to clean energy, and countering Russia's destabilising energy tactics.


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Razom We Stand is a Ukrainian organisation active internationally and calling for a total and permanent embargo on Russian fossil fuels and an immediate end to all investment into Russian oil and gas companies by phasing out fossil fuels globally. We seek to build momentum for a redesign of the global economy and significant financial mobilisation for investments into new clean, intelligent and efficient energy systems based on renewables.

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