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LinkedIn Live Event: How the EU, U.S. and G7 should respond to global threats from the proliferation of Russian oil, gas and coal exports?

Thursday, 21 December, 12 pm CET

At this live session we will deep into the intricacies of  Russian fossil fuel exports, it’s tole in sustaining war of aggression in Ukraine, and borader implications for international stability and climate action. Our experts will take account of economic consequences of past sanctions on Russia, and bring forth their insights and analysis from recent reports.

Notably, experts will discuss measures needed to close loopholes, address the enforcement gap and fortify existing embargoes, as well as additional policy measures that can reduce Russian fossil fuel exports, which are a key source of Russia's war of aggression and a major driver of the climate crisis.

WHEN: Thursday, 21 December, 12 pm (CET)

WHERE: LinkedIn Live

Panel speakers:

  • Isaac Levi, Europe-Russia Policy & Energy Analysis Team Lead at Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA)
  • Vaibhav Raghunandan, Europe-Russia Analyst and Research Writer  at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA)
  • Anna Korppoo, Research Professor at Fridtjof Nansen Institute and the leader of the Climate Strategies, coordinated work on Russian energy transitions
  • Oleh Savytskyi, Senior Campaigns Manager at Razom We Stand


  • Svitlana Romanko, founder and director of Razom We Stand

Event Highlights:

  • Deep dive into the state of play regarding Russian fossil fuel exports with details on oil, LNG and coal.
  • Discussion on the financial implications of previous sanctions embargoes on Russia.
  • Unpacking the steps needed to close the gaps in the current sanctions.
  • Discussion on the upcoming EUs 12th sanctions package.
  • Explaining the overarching significance for urgent action to dismantle the proliferation of Russian fossil fuel for global peace and climate action.