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Green Post-War Reconstruction Of Ukraine Can Generate Over 4.2 Million Jobs

Due to the war initiated by Russia, Ukraine lost 3.5 to 4.8 million jobs, and over 4.5 million people fled the country. One of the crucial challenges in the post-war reconstruction and recovery of Ukraine will be addressing the issue of repatriation.

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Experts, government, and business representatives discussed solutions for this task in two panel discussions during the event "Green Jobs and Investment Potential for Renewable Energy Sources in Ukraine", on October 17 in Kyiv.

"Sustainability is not merely an option; it is the only way forward for Ukraine. Our report indicates that the 4.8 million jobs destroyed by the war can be replaced with an equal number of green jobs. This event serves as a call to action and an invitation to shape a future in which Ukraine leads the global transition to clean energy. By investing in renewable energy, we are not just rebuilding but reimagining our economy, creating millions of jobs, and ensuring a cleaner, safer future free from reliance on Russian fossil fuels. Let's seize this opportunity together and make Ukraine a shining example of success on the world stage," said Svitlana Romanko, founder and director of Razom We Stand.

Romanko also emphasised that the reconstruction of Ukraine based on the principles of 'better than it was' and 'greener than it was' offers an opportunity to restore not only destroyed infrastructure, housing, and industry but also a chance for systemic rethinking and transformation of Ukraine. This will require the implementation of sustainable development principles and the creation of green jobs.

Nataliya Andrusevych, Head of the Board of the Resource and Analysis Center "Society and Environment" emphasised, "Supporting the green post-war recovery and the country's development can be closely linked to creating new green jobs. This becomes a significant factor in attracting people back to Ukraine, offering them opportunities for employment and decent wages."

“Building Back Better aims to create a modern, efficient, and decentralised energy system. This leads us to the investment question. Mobilising the market is more effective than maintaining the centralised system Ukraine inherited. European funds are primarily earmarked for green reconstruction," said Torsten Wollert, Counsellor Energy, EU Representation in Ukraine.

If Ukraine's post-war reconstruction is "green", it could create more than 4.2 million additional jobs in five key sectors: transportation, energy, health, education, and water.

Yaroslav Demchenkov, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, explained: "We aim to restore and strengthen this potential and accelerate our energy transition immediately after victory. Researchers expect rapid job growth in renewable energy and climate-related industries, including increased demand for renewable energy engineers, solar installation engineers, environmental specialists, and more. Business leaders and investors are increasingly investing in the “green” transition and climate mitigation, which will contribute to job growth. The green transition is expected to be one of the largest drivers of job creation in the future.”

Maria Malaya, the first deputy head of the State Energy Efficiency Agency, stated, "The market demands energy auditors, energy efficiency specialists, energy service providers, and the development of bioenergy from the agro-industrial complex. Globally, this sector ranks second in job opportunities, particularly in biomethane and other synthetic gases. Additionally, green building materials represent another key sector."

In fact, a green post-war recovery can fully compensate for the jobs Ukraine lost during the war.

The full report is available for download here.

You can find photos from the event at this link.

For media inquiries, please contact Maxim Gardus, Communications Specialist at Razom We Stand, via email at [email protected].

Razom We Stand, a Ukrainian group founded at the start of the war with Russia in 2022, is dedicated to ending the war by cutting fossil fuel exports from Russia. We consistently advocate for a comprehensive and complete embargo on Russian fossil fuels while working to transition Ukraine to clean energy for a better climate and a brighter future.